New Release – DataTrim Entry Check – Spring 2023

General availability: January 2023

As of the Salesforce Summer ’22 release, Salesforce Platform API legacy versions below version 31.0 have been deprecated and are no longer supported by Salesforce.

Previous version of DataTrim Entry Check, contained elements using Legacy APIs
To prevent your Entry Check Applicaiton from malfuntioning after the Summer ’23 Release, you wil need to upgrade your current version.

Best in Class: Merge Wizard

The new Entry Check App now includes the successful Merge Wizard, -which you may already know from DataTrim Dupe Alerts. This new Merge Wizard will give you a clear view on the differences between the records to merge. It allows you select the values to keep AND to edit the records before merging.
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Updated List View Buttons for faster access to Merging

Not all new records are netered by users, right? You see dupes in your list view, and search results and have to go a long way aroudn to get them merged.
With teh List View Buttons, you can merge/Convert a duplicate whenever you come across them iwth a few simpel clicks.
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Quick Entry Check and Utility Bar Component

Navigating to the Entry Check page for creation of the new records, may still be an inhibitor for some, and a click too much for the lazy user. By adding the Quick Entry Check component, to e.g. the Home page or leveraging the Utility bar, you will ensure that users always as the Entry Check form available.
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Support for Country and State Picklists

When creating new records, Entry Check transfers the entered values to the new records. Avoiding you having to enter values twice.
With the Country and State Picklist feature of salesforce, the Country and State values does now what 2 destination fields. If you have the Country and State Picklist enabled, the Entry Check App will automatically transfer the entered values to the Picklist fields.

Lightning Theme Look and Feel

As more and more are moving to Lightning, we have made further changes to the look and feel, to make the App look more integrated into salesforce. If you still are on Classic, or of you prefer the original look and feel, we have an option for you to keep it that way.

User Guide

Click here to access the Setup and User Guide

Help us improve our App even further

The DataTrim Entry Check App has been on the AppExchange for more than 10 years. But it doesn’t mean that we have stopped the evolution of the App. We have added a lot of customer requested features over the years, and I’m sure you might have some ideas too…Like: Wouldn’t it be great if…
Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, we are happy to discuss your needs, and see how we can make our solution even better.
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New Release – DataTrim Entry Check

General availability for DataTrim Entry Check Spring 2023: January 2023
Take the advantage of upgrading your existing version and benefit from the new features and bug fixes in this version.
This is as no cost, it is part of your current subscription.
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