Data Quality for Salesforce™

Data Quality fofr Salesforce™

DataTrim DataLaundry App

A Data Quality Assesment and Automated Data Cleaning solution for Salesforce™

By being able to measure Data Quality, you can more easily set out a direction for where you want to go with your Data Quality initiative.

With Data Quality Indicators, Scores, Dashboards and reports you will be able to analyse your data and put your effort into the cleaning jobs that have largest impact on your business-critical processes.

Cleaning data is often cumbersome and the devil is in the detail. The Data Laundry performs automated data cleaning, standardization and normalization of your Lead, Account and contact records.
View our App on the AppExchangeIndicating what is good and what is still Dirty.

Take your data to the Data Laundry and put an end to Dirty Data.


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Data Quality for Salesforce?
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Data Quality for Salesforce – Screenshots

Data Laundry Console

Assess your Data Quality in a single view

One overview page to manage your Data Quality initiative

Manage Laundry Baskets, and their results

Data Quality Indicators

Data Quality Indicator indicates Data Quality Status and potential issues record by record

Available on Detail View as well as on List Views

Filterable and Available for Reporting

Data Laundry Baskets

Segment your data into separate Laundry Baskets

Average Score for Laundry Basket Content, for comparison across segments

3 actions available: Clean, Validate or Review

Automated Cleaning

Process the Laundry Baskets in Batch mode

Use Scheduling to process Laundry Baskets on e.g. a daily basis

Standardize and Normalize

Improves your segmentation and geo-location functions

Facilitates reliable Lead/Account assignments or Sales/Opportunity rollup by geography

Clean and Detect Dirty Data

Updates Leads, Accounts and Contacts with world-wide cleaning algorithms

Identification of Dirty and Bad Data

Validate existing data for data quality analytics

Map Job Title to Job Function and Job Role

Stop selecting your campaign targets by filtering on Business Card Titles

The Data Laundry converts Business Card Titles into pick list values

Job Titles, Segmented

Segment and report your marketing impact on standardized values

Excel Review

Review your data in Excel (.csv file)

Quality Indicators will tell what is wrong and support an efficient cleanup

Let’s Get Started

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions which you may have

Let’s Get Started

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions which you may have