Account Organizer

Hierarchical View of Accounts,

Opportunites and Contacts


  • Visualize, andManage your Account Hierarchies with a few clicks.
  • Explore your cross-selling and enterprise opportunities and/or get reliable Account revenue rollup, account owner management.
  • Integrated Fuzzy search, filter, update and merge functions.

Dupe Alerts

Deduping your salesforce data

Bulk Matching and Merge


  • Deduplication of data regardless of the source of entry, back-ground and entry level duplicate detection.
  • Duplicate list review for data-stewards, and collaborative dupe status for end users.
  • Mass-Merge, Mass Convert and Best Practice matching rules, built in from the start.

Data Laundry

Data Quality and Cleaning App

Assess and Improve Your Data Quality


  • Data Quality Score and Indicators
  • Automated Normalization and Standardization
  • World-wide data recognition functionality for more than 50 countries including all European countries, USA, Canada and Australia


The Data Laundry

AWESOME solutions are not working without the underlying data being reliable, complete and consistent, and data rarely is – data is often terribly AWESOME. DataTrim improves the reliability, completeness and consistency by applying a set of data cleaning treatments. We call this the Data Laundry.
The Data Laundry creates direct impact on the day-to-day usage and productivity in a simple-to-usecollaborative and cost effective way. -and that is AWESOME.