Dupe Alerts

Deduping your salesforce data

Bulk Matching and Merge


  • Deduplication of data regardless of the source of entry, back-ground and entry level duplicate detection.
  • Duplicate list review for data-stewards, and collaborative dupe status for end users.
  • Mass-Merge, Mass Convert and Best Practice matching rules, built in from the start.

Entry Check

STOP Dupes from Entering

..Search Before Create..


  • Implementing the “Search before you create” step which non-one does manually.
  • Stop dupes from entering your salesforce database
  • In process dupe detection, immediate check for Leads, Accounts and Contacts

Account Organizer

Optimize your Account Mgmt.

Manage Group Hierarchies


  • Manage and build your Account Hierarchies with a few clicks.
  • Explore your cross-selling and enterprise opportunities and/or get reliable Account revenue rollup, account owner management.
  • Integrated Fuzzy search, filter, update and merge functions.


The Data Laundry

AWESOME solutions are not working without the underlying data being reliable, complete and consistent, and data rarely is – data is often terribly AWESOME. DataTrim improves the reliability, completeness and consistency by applying a set of data cleaning treatments. We call this the Data Laundry.
The Data Laundry creates direct impact on the day-to-day usage and productivity in a simple-to-usecollaborative and cost effective way. -and that is AWESOME.