What We Do

DataTrim helps companies and organizations worldwide
to improve and maintain a high level of Data Quality

DataTrim (a.k.a d2b International ApS) improves the reliability, completeness and consistency of data by applying a set of data cleaning treatments which is called The Data Laundry.

The Data Laundry solutions are solutions for business people solving business problems and our focus is to transform the complexity of data management and deduplication into highly effective yet easy-to-use solutions with high usability also for non-IT experts.

Our main focus is deduplication, the #1 issue when data from different sources are being brought together is one solution ..like salesforce.

The Data Laundry solutions and services adds experience based data cleaning processes to lead management, marketing automation, customer support and account management processes in salesforce and creates direct impact on the day-to-day usage and productivity in a intuitive, collaborative and cost effective way.

Maintaining Data Quality is not just a one-man’s job

Maintaining a high quality CRM database involves many elements but first of all the processes needs to be aligned with the internal business processes and should be easily integrated into the daily work of the people who works with and is dependent on the data and its quality.
It is therefore that d2b International is a company who is dedicated to providing its client with simple to use yet effective data quality solutions for salesforce.com customers but also to be able to provide services to facilitate more project oriented data management work.

“DataTrim was very simple to implement and we got great support from the DataTrim team. We were up and running within a day…”*

Our ability to provide simple and effective solutions is proven by our customer base which amongst many others includes:

Astaro AG, Germany/World Wide
E4B (Electricity for Business), UK
IMS Health, UK/World Wide
Thermo Fisher, US/World Wide

“We have been able to increase our telemarketing team’s productivity by 15%…”*

Being a customer-oriented company helps us develop DataTrim Dupe Alerts even further. It is as simple as that.

This blog is a new step in our attempt to reach out to existing customers and companies who are looking for a service minded company to help then improve their data quality.

Don’t be afraid of contacting us for additional information of if there are functional requirements and/or business processes which you think we do not cover and we are happy to discuss the scenarios and see how we can help address them.