DataTrim – and Data Quality

Dupe Alerts Console with Alert filters

DataTrim Dupe Alerts – Mastering Alert Filters

Dupe Alert Filters and how to use them to match and merge subsets of your account, contact or lead data.
Putting everything into one big black bucket, giving it a stir and see what happens, will not get you the best starting point for a job well done.

Batch Process -Step 4, Merge

Big Deduplications – Mass Merge and Mass Convert in batch

DataTrim Dupe Alerts allow you to mass merge 1000’s of duplicates.
If you are having a very large database or if you have migrated data from multiple sources into salesforce, you might find you self with 1000’s of duplicates.
Too many dupes to process one by one, and too important to just delete the dupes in a quick sweep.

Dupe Alerts - New Release

DataTrim Dupe Alerts, Release: April 2020

New Release, General availability: April 2020 New Release - DataTrim Dupe AlertsFeaturing: Merge and Convert 1000's of records using Batch Jobs Introducing a 3-step wizard to setup and run Merge and Convert as Batch Jobs. Allows you to process 1000's of...
Data Quality Score Spread

Data Quality Assessment and Improvement with DataTrim – Your Data Laundry

To get Clean Data, first you need Data Quality Assessment. Only then can you effectively get Clean Data. If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there. -Lewis Carroll YOU NEED CLEAN DATA BECAUSE: Lead, Contact or Account assignment by geography...
Data Laundry - New Release

Data Laundry, Release: February 2020

New Release - DataTrim Data Laundry General availability: February 2020 New Data Laundry App Launch of our brand new 100% Native Lightning App We are very proud to present a BRAND NEW version of our succesfull Data Laundry App. When we partnered with salesforce back...