Use the DataTrim Dupe Alerts Console to manage and monitor your deduplication efforts.

Embarking on the path to Salesforce data excellence can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to managing duplicates. Unfortunately, deduplication isn’t a one-button thing.

The endeavour of managing large volumes of client and prospect data is a journey not a destination. Navigating the intricate landscape of data management requires an understanding of the fundamentals but also: to mastering advanced techniques.

The Dupe Alert Console, will map the deduplication maze out for you:

  • Give you an overview where you are with regards to the status of the current alerts.
  • Updates the status on outstanding duplicates, in real-time as you progress through the cleanup process.
  • Provides you with history of past deduplications (alerts).
Dupe Alerts Console

Managing your Alerts

Dupe Alers are the fundamental building blocks on managing the deduplication process.

An Alert, is a definition of WHICH records to match, HOW to match them, and eventually WHEN to match them.

An Alert (a matching process), can match ALL records, or a selected segment. It can even match one set of data against another. Not having to look at the deduplication a big one-size fits-all-black-box process, will help you meet your objectives more confidently.

Alerts can be run on an adhoc basis, or scheduled to run on a regular basis. Giving your database a scan on a regular basis helps keeping the data clean on an ongoing basis.

Once the alerts are processed, a Dupe Alerts Result will provide you with statistics about the actual Matching process. Basic things like, how many records were checked, how many dupes was found, will assist you in assessing whether your matching process covers the target records, and if the matching rules generates the results you expect.

Variations in these numbers are often indicators of changes in other data processing changes, and thus may imply updates to the way the Alerts are running.

Outstanding Potential Duplicates

When the Alerts has processed, the Potential Duplicates identified, are all stored in the DataTrim Matched Records Object.

You can use the built in List views on the DataTrim Matched Records, the list view generated directly from the Alert and/or Alert Result.

The Outstanding Potential Duplicates Widget in the top right corner, will present you with an overview of the Potential Duplicates which hasn’t yet been reviewed and processed.

Clicking on the “Review Dupe” link will generate a Dynamic List View on the DataTrim Matched Records Tab, and you can review and process the duplicates from there using the Merge Wizard/ Mass Merge/Mass Convert/False Dupe -action buttons.

Batch Merge

Large volume databases also contain large volumes of duplicates. It might not just be bad data management, but migrations, data imports and other processes can be quite complex and duplicates can be introduced in large volumes un-intentionally (or intentionally with the thought to fix it later 😉)

You can initiate the Batch Processing of large volume of duplicated directly from the Dupe Alerts Console.

Learn more about the Batch Processing functionality here

Advance settings for DataTrim Dupe Alerts

Although we have tried to make the application as easy to use as possible, and applied a lot of best practice functionality as default, you may one day need to change some of these settings.

The little setup icon in the far top right corner of the Dupe Alerts Console will give you access to these settings.

You can read more about these settings in the Setup and User Guide, which you will find on the main screen once you are in the Setup Page.

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About DataTrim Dupe Alerts

DataTrim Dupe Alerts – is a salesforce app, which is specialized in performing deduplications on small and large databases, new and existing data, containing lead, contact, account, consumer and candidate records.
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