DataTrim Entry Check Extras: Features you might not have discovered yet

DataTrim Entry Check is a simple to use app. It helps preventing users from entering duplicates, but there is more under the hood.
Check out some of the hidden gems in this article, and get more out of your application staring today.

Quick Entry Check on your Home Page

DataTrim Entry Check – Extras: Quick Entry Check
Navigating to the Entry Check page manually, or by overriding the New buttons and thereby forcing users to the Entry Check page when they create new records, are the default processes.
In the App we also include a Quick Entry Check component. A component which you can add to other parts of salesforce, e.g. your home page.
By incorporating the Quick Entry Check into your own apps, you make the record creation process more fluent. Less clicks, more intuitive and always available.

Use Entry Check via the Utility Bar

The Utility Bar: Your End User’s Best Friend
The utility bar is a specialized type of Lightning page that gives your users quick access to common productivity tools, like Notes and Recent Items. It appears as a fixed footer that users can access to open utilities in docked panels.

The Utility Bar is a perfect place to add your Entry Check component.
DataTrim Entry Check – Extras: Utility Bar
A DataTrim Entry Check Extra which you shouldn’t miss out on.

List View Merge buttons

Merge from List View
Ever seen 2 or more duplicates in a list view and thinking: How do I merge these?
With the List View Merge buttons, you can select the records to merge and launch the merge Wizard directly from the List View.

Or if you suspect a single record to be a potential duplicate, you can select that one record, click Merge. You will then get an over view of potential dupes (Lead, Account, Contact) and you can take action from this overview page.
Merge, View All
Available as List View buttons for Leads, Contacts and Accounts.

Dynamic Dupe Status on the Detail Page

Dupe Status Example
Imagine that you are working on a Lead, and this lead makes a new enquiry, or makes a download on your website. While this action may create a new (duplicate) lead, you are using the original lead. Your original lead is now a potential duplicate of the newly create lead, but how will you know that -when you e.g. are following up on an activity?

With the Dynamic Dupe Status added to the Detail page of your lead (contact and/or account), DataTrim Entry Check performs a duplicate check each time you refresh the screen. The Dynamic Dupe Status will warn you if potential duplicates exist. And with a single click, you can merge/convert, or get an overview of all potential duplicates.


Learn More about DataTrim Entry Check and the Extras

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