Dupe Detection on Data Entry with DataTrim Entry Check

DataTrim Entry Check was originally designed as a help for users to prevent creation of duplicates -when entering new records. But user entry is not the only source for new records.
Dupe Detection on Data Entry when new records come from other sources is maybe a lesser know feature of DataTrim Entry Check.

Not all new records are entered by Users, right?

Leasd may be coming in from a website, or a marketing tool. Importing Contacts from LinkedIn or other source sites etc.

These entries may of cause also be duplicates, and you could choose to block these using the salesforce matching rules. But you should not block a new enquiry on your website, just because it looks a potential dupe, or has the same email as an existing lead.

What you need if a simple way to identify as early as possible: which of the new Leads/Contacts that are duplicates and which are truly new records.

Dupe Detection upon Entry, detecting the dupes as early as possible

DataTrim Entry Check applies its search algorithms for each new record you add to your org. it and will determine if the new record is a potential duplicate or not.
Merge from List View
The Entry Check App now includes the best-in-class Merge Wizard available throughout the DataTrim Apps. Read more here: Best in Class: DataTrim Merge Wizard

If the new record is identified as a duplicate record, the App will change the Status of the record. E.g. ‘New- Dupe Lead’ or ‘New – Dupe Contact’ if the lead is a duplicate of a Contact.
Changing the Status of the new lead can prevent sending out the standard:”thank you” email. –As the lead already have received this in the past.

Using the List View buttons to Merge before qualifying

When the Lead Management team reviews their list of new leads, they can easily identify the duplicates. And launch the merging process, directly from the List View.
Merge, View All


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