Awesome data

Your data is your most valuable asset!
Do you have AWESOME DATA ?

AWESOME solutions are not working without the underlying data being reliable, trustworthy, complete and consistent.
-And data is rarely is all this…. data is often TERRIBLY AWESOME

Quick facts:

  • 88% of all data integration projects run over budget or fails due to poor quality data.
  • 75% of global businesses recognizes that data quality issues cause them to directly loose money through missed business opportunities.
  • The cost of poor data may represent 10-25% of total revenues.

Ask yourself these 4 questions?

1: Reliability – Will it Work?

Data needs to be managed, and the management should be easy and intuitive.
Today many Data Stewards are sales and marketing professionals focus on getting the job done, and not how to develop data management skills.
Your data management solution should be process oriented, facilitating a way of solving a challenge and measuring the result. Yet still flexible to accommodate for different needs in different organizations.
Read more here: Reliable, Complete and Consistent data, -are you kidding me?

2: Trust – Can I base my decision on it?

Data is factual, values and information, but is it trustworthy?
To make data trustworthy, you need to constantly update and maintain it.
Every day you make business decisions based on what the numbers say, but what if the data is old and outdated?
Inaccurate data will decrease effectiveness of your initiatives and may in worst case make you make wrong decisions.
Do you trust you data? Read more here: Trust Your Data

3: Completeness – Do I have what I need?

Incomplete data represents a large void in any database.
Without basic segmentation data like country/state, industry, size etc. leads/prospects are not included in campaign segments.
Lacking information about account relationships in large accounts/groups will make the revenue rollup and account management difficult.
Non-consolidated activity history may hide up-sell/cross-sell sales opportunities.

4: Usability- Can I use it?

Although big databases are great and long lists of leads/prospects are desirable many orgs overlook the simple question, can I use it for my campaign?
Emails, phone numbers and addresses can be missing, incomplete or invalid, and should be eliminated to allow for enrichment through matching external sources or new information collected at websites etc.

Let the DataTrim Data Laundry help answer the quetions.

DataTrim provide services and solutions to address these challenges, with 3 key business focus:
Simplicity is Key
We design our solutions for sales and marketing professionals.
We take pride in offering solutions which doesn’t need an IT background to operate although the data management context often is very technical.

Best practice solutions
Our solutions are build based on our own experiences.
Cleaning up international databases with data from all over the world since 2002.
Starting out in a small country forced us to embrace multiple languages, and include country specific data recognition routines from the start.

Small is beautiful
We have the ability to adopt to custom requirements with agility and proactive processes.
Our reviews on the AppExchange, proves that our ability to respond promptly back to our clients makes our service and solutions is highly appreciated.

Ron Cowan, Zimmer Dental: Our ongoing use of DataTrim to eliminate duplicate records globally is a central reason for the success of within our organization.

Why stop here? Make ‘Everything Awesome’!

Like in the LEGO movie 😉
Everything is Awesome


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Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, we are happy to discuss your needs, and see how our solution can address YOUR challenges.

DataTrim helps companies and organizations worldwide in improving and maintaining a high level of Data Quality.

The DataTrim Data Laundry improves the reliability completeness and consistency of your data by applying a set of data cleaning treatments which is called The Data Laundry.

DataTrim’s Solutions adds experience based data cleaning processes to lead management, marketing automation, customer support and account management processes in salesforce and create valuable impact on the day-to-day usage and productivity in a simple-to-use, collaborative and cost effective way.

We call this the Data Laundry

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