Excluding fields from the merge process

When updating account, contact or leads records salesforce will evaluate the values on the records to make sure that they conform to validation rules, and with the State and Country Pick-list feature enabled, the validation also takes place on the various state and country fields on the records.

During the enablement of the State and Country Pick-list feature, organizations are guided through a process where all ‘invalid’ values are converted to the new pick-list values. This process can be tedious, and overwhelming, and case stories have shown that even after such conversation of values there are still means in which the invalid values enters or remains in the system.

These invalid values prevent updates and merges to be made.

With the merge functionality of DataTrim Dupe Alerts, there is a possibility to ignore these fields, and then benefit from the effective Quick Merge or Mass Merge functionality of the DataTrim Package.
If you have encountered this issue, do the following: Go to the DataTrim Setup page, select the Merge and Mass Merge menu option and add the standard state and country fields to the Merge Field Exclusions.

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image: Example: Exclusion of State and Country fields for Leads, Contacts and Accounts.

Exclusion fields:
Account: BillingState;BillingCountry;ShippingState;ShippingCountry
Contact: MailingState;MailingCountry;OtherState;OtherCountry
Lead: State;Country

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