With DataTrim Dupe Alerts we have received a lot of good feedback saying that finally it is easy to clean up duplicate records in Salesforce.
But why stop there, what if you could prevent the duplicates from entering into your database in the first place?

Simply ask your users to search properly before they enter a new record, simple right? – But will they do it?

We think not, so we have developed a solution which does the searching for them: DataTrim Entry Check.
By putting a layer in between the users input and the database we can perform a check, using a fuzzy matching process, to see if the record the user is about to create already exists or not.

EC 15-4-2014 13-01-37

DataTrim Entry Check is using a fuzzy matching when users enter a new record to look for possible duplicates. The fuzzy matching will e.g. allow a record to be found even if it isn’t spelled exactly the same.

The check function presents possible existing and matching records to the user, allowing the user to go directly and edit existing records in the system instead of introduction a dupe, or continue the insert of a new record with the data entered.

If the new records isn’t in the database, and the user continues with the creation of the new record, the information already populated in the Entry Check tab is automatically transferred to the new record, so there is no double entry.

By override the new buttons for Contacts, Accounts and Leads you change the workflow slightly and force your users to use the DataTrim Entry Check before entering new records.

The advantages are clear:

You involve the users in deciding whether the record is a new records or not and is not limited to rigid programming rules.

You detect a duplicate prior to populating the whole records. By simply entering e.g. the name and the company the check can be performed. I.e. there is no reason to fill in all the details if the record is already there, right?

You get less duplicates into your database!


DataTrim Entry Check also support duplicate check on leads inserted though web-to-lead or imports. A component which you can place on the page layout of the Lead Page will dynamically perform the check for duplicates.
Should a duplicate be identified a Dupe Status will be presented on the Page Layout, and the person responsible for following up on the new lead can easily merge the duplicates and make a more intelligent follow up based on the history associated with the other lead record.

EC 15-4-2014 13-02-31
EC 15-4-2014 15-50-58


Trial License

So take a Test Drive of DataTrim Entry Check already today – and see how easy it is to prevent dupes from being entered in your Salesforce database.

You can read more here on our website.


EC 15-4-2014 13-05-59
The first 5 licenses are FREE.
Additional licenses are available for only $5 per additional user/year + a fixed early fee of $299 for each organisation.
Site license is available for $4.000 per year (unlimited number of users).

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