By default, the salesforce merge process takes 2 records; a Master (‘Survivor’) and a Dupe. The selected Master takes priority over the Dupe which means that the following rules are applied:

  1. When 2 fields on the 2 records both are populated the value from the Master and the value from the Dupe is lost (unless you use the option to store this with the Master).
  2. If a field on the Master is empty and the corresponding field on the Dupe is populated, then the value from the Dupe is carried across to the Master and the master is in this way enriched with the additional information from the Dupe.
  3. Related data, such as Camping info, activities, tasks etc. are moved across from the Dupe to the Master so that the entire history of the consolidated records is available to the Master record.

Exclude fields from Merge
When merging records, all updatable fields are processed as described above. This includes fields which may be used in workflow rules and triggers.
When you perform a Merge the Master records is update with information from the dupe which may generate a new event which already was taken care of on the Dupe.
By adding these fields to the list of fields to exclude you will prevent this double triggering and speed up the merge process.

This functionality applies to the DataTrim Quick Merge wizard and the Mass Merge functions of DataTrim Dupe Alerts

This functionality is available to all users DataTrim Dupe Alerts

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