Dupe Detection on Data Entry

Dupe Detection on Data Entry with DataTrim Entry Check DataTrim Entry Check was originally designed as a help for users to prevent creation of duplicates -when entering new records. But user entry is not the only source for new records. Dupe Detection on Data Entry...

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Trust Your Data

Do you Trust your Data? Question 1: Would you buy a 100.000$ car, if you can’t trust the quality of the petrol you fill it up with? Question 2: Would you implement a high-end marketing automation tool if you can’t trust the data you put into it? While you have no...

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Quick Entry Check in Lightning

Quick Entry Check on the Lightning Home Page Similar to the functionality in Classic, it is now possible to add the Quick Entry Check component to the Lightning Home page, or anywhere else you like it. The Quick Entry Check component will allow you users to jump...

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