The DataTrim Merge Wizard

Confidence in Every Click: Guiding You Through Salesforce Deduplication Bliss Merging records in Salesforce can often feel like navigating a complex maze. Uncertainties regarding what data to retain, concerns about the ripple effects on related records, and crucial...

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Dupe Detection on Data Entry

Dupe Detection on Data Entry with DataTrim Entry Check DataTrim Entry Check was originally designed as a help for users to prevent creation of duplicates -when entering new records. But user entry is not the only source for new records. Dupe Detection on Data Entry...

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Trust Your Data

Do you Trust your Data? Question 1: Would you buy a 100.000$ car, if you can’t trust the quality of the petrol you fill it up with? Question 2: Would you implement a high-end marketing automation tool if you can’t trust the data you put into it? While you have no...

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