DataTrim Dupe Alerts include a function: Dupe Detection Upon Entry which often is overlooked.

The built-in search and matching functionality of the Dupe Alert App will at the entry of a new account/contact/lead make a thourough search for duplicates, and notify the user using the Dupe Status element on the account it-self.

Notifying the user:

“Be careful the record you just added looks like a potential duplicate of another record already in the database”

The user can then review and possibly merge the 2 records making sure that the new record is consolidated with data and history from the existing.
Dupe Status

The Dupe Detection Upon Entry functionality leverage the Dupe Status VF page, which you can add to the page layout of the Account, Contact or Lead to present to the user, whether the current record has been identified as a potential duplicate or not.

The Dupe Detection Upon Entry feature is enabled with a single click on the Dupe Alerts Console.
No need to setup specific matching rules etc.
It is all built into the app from day one.

And should the built-in rule not be sufficiently sophisticated to catch the dupe, then rest assured because your scheduled deduplication functionality, of the Dupe Alerts App, will.

Dupe Detection Upon Entry

For more information, check out the User Guide, or contact us and we will be happy to elaborate.
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