New Features and Functions
-Lightning Ready, Lightning Ready and Lightning Ready
-Support for IN operator in the Filter statements
-Performance improvements on the matching engine to decrease matching time for larger datasets

Lightning Ready

Following the advancement and development of the Lightning functionality of salesforce, we are now proud to announce that the DataTrim Dupe Alerts App is Lightning Ready, and available to all who has switched to Lightning, or is deploying a new org 100% based on Lightning.
Being a Native App, re-utilizing the user-interface and basic functionality of salesforce, required that we had to wait for salesforce to support all the fundamental functions upon which we have built, but now it is there and we hope that you like the result.


Full support for IN operator in the Filter statements

Although we already support the entire SOQL language in the filter statements, the IN operator has been supported, to filter on multiple fields.

Where Country IN (‘USA’, ‘Canada’, ‘UK’, ‘France’)

But the IN operator can also be used in more advanced queries, like if you want to select a segment of Contacts which relates to another Object.

How to?
Step 1: Getting a list of ContactId’s
Select ContactID from CampaignMember where Campaign.Name = ‘Dreamforce 2017’
Step 2: Put this list into the IN statment
Id IN (Select ContactID from CampaignMember where Campaign.Name = ‘Dreamforce 2017’)

This technique can now be used for similar situations, where you want to match contacts which are associated with e.g. a particular JobOffer, Opportunities etc.

In the Filter field it would look like this (Selecting all Contacts from USA who has been part of at least one Campaign):


Performance improvements

Our clients databases are getting bigger and bigger, and matching large datasets always pose a challenge when, as we do, all fields need to be compared and evaluated to give you the best possible match result.
Our engineers have improved the benchmarks for the matching engine with up to 30%, which will allow you to get results faster without compromising the end result.

New Release – DataTrim Dupe Alerts

General availability: May 2017, a new version of DataTrim Dupe Alerts.
Take the advantage of upgrading your existing version and benefit from the new features and bug fixes in this version.
Even if you are still on Classic you will still benefit from the performance improvements.
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