New Release, General availability: April 2020

New Release – DataTrim Dupe Alerts

Merge and Convert 1000’s of records using Batch Jobs

Introducing a 3-step wizard to setup and run Merge and Convert as Batch Jobs. Allows you to process 1000’s of duplicates in a single process.
Select the Duplicates to process, directly from the Dupe Alerts or the Dupe Alerts Result
Refine your Selection using a filter to e.g. only select duplicates where the email score is 100
Set your Merge and Batch Settings and let the server do the work, while you get yourself a well-deserved cup of coffee.
Batch Process Step 1
BAtch Process Step 4, Merge Completed

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Check Filter from the Dupe Alert Console

Knowing that the use of filters is something many of our customers are struggling with and that more and more of our customers are using the filters, we have made the use more intuitive without loosing the flexibility of the salesforce SOQL language
From the Dupe Alert Console you can now visually see how the filters are set for each Alert
By using the Check Filter buttons on the Alert and Dupe Alerts Console you can get an exact count of how many records that are going to be matched.
The previous limit indicating 2000+ has been removed, and now allows up to 500.000 records.
Dupe Alerts Console with Alert filters
Check Filter

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…And more…

  • Upgraded API version support from V20.0
  • UI improvements for Dupe Alerts Console
  • UI improvements for DataTrim Dupe Alerts Results
  • Correction of navigation issues related to Lightning
  • Updated User Guide

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    New Release – DataTrim Dupe Alerts

    General availability: April 2020, a new version of DataTrim Dupe Alerts.
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