After the installation is done BUT before you can start using the app,
there are 3 steps to perform in completing the Initialization and Setup:

1) Add the license number provided by DataTrim.
2) Activate the subscription by Performing the OnBoarding Process.
3) Add the DataTrim IP addresses to your network access list.

After the installation is competed, go to the DataTrim Dupe alerts Tab, and the wizard will guide you through the 3 steps (or open the visualforce page: /apex/TRIMDA__TrimDA_Initialize )
If you upgrade, or needs to go back changing the data you can always access the settings from the DataTrim Setup page

1) Enter the License Number

Once you have initiated the installation you should receive an automated email containing your dedicated license number, enter the 18 character license number.
If you do not have a license number, please contact to have it resent.


2) Activate the subscription by Performing the OnBoarding Process

In order for DataTrim to perform the de-duplication of your data you must grant us access to it.

If you signed up for the DataTrim Dupe Alerts you already have our commitment with regards to non-disclosure of the information from the registration process.

There are 2 alternatives for granting us access to your data.
Alternative 1: Create a Specific DataTrim user
Alternative 2: Reusing an existing salesforce License

Alternative 1 is the optimal solution, as it gives less implication while delivering the service to you. We and our solution will be able to reset the password when it expires, and you can setup a specific profile for this user, limiting the DataTrim user to having access to the relevant data only.

Alternative 2 however, has the benefit of saving you from buying another license from salesforce, but we would have to manually go through the OnBoarding process each time the user changes the password.

Fill in the form and submit the OnBoarding Key by clicking the OnBoarding Button.

3) Add the DataTrim IP addresses to your network access list

To ensure a secure connection between salesforce and the servers which are running the matching processes, the IP addresses needs to be added to your list of secure connections.

Go to: Setup-Administration Setup-Security Controls-Network Access

Add the following IP ranges to your list:
• Start IP Address: End IP Address:
• Start IP Address: End IP Address:

When done you should see the following details in your Network Access list:

You are done!

When your application is active (and we will confirm by e-mail when this is done) your de-duplications (alerts) will be executed as scheduled.

DataTrim Dupe Alerts

DataTrim Dupe Alerts – is a salesforce app, which is specialized in performing deduplications on small and large databases, new and existing data, containing lead, contact, account, consumer and candidate records.
Watch the introduction videos below, or contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

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DataTrim Dupe Alerts

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