Adopting Entry Check to work with Program Intake…

Duplicates enter from many sources and with the power of the salesforce platform you can develop custom entry pages which collect data for the contact but also related data like cases, opportunities etc. from one single page. Mission Economic Development Agency in San Francisco (MEDA) (a community-based, local economic development agency) were doing just that using a solution called Program Intake, the problem was that this solution did not have deduplication incorporated creating new duplicates if users did not search for duplicates on their own. So they came to DataTrim, being a client of Entry Check looking for a way to incorporate the Entry Check functionality with the Program Intake solution.

Michelle Reiss-Top: “DataTrim Entry Check helped us find a solution that did more than find duplicate contacts but prevent duplicates of custom objects, too.”


Knowing whether a new case is for a new contact or an existing client!

The main value of Entry Check, is not just the built in search algorithms, but the fact that you get a chance to detect a duplicate as early as possible.

In the case for MEDASF, a new inquiry would end up as a Case record, but should this Case Record be added to an existing contact or should the agent at the same time create a new contact record.

The 2 processes are not the same, and whereas most deduplication solutions detect the contact as being a duplicate after you save the contact record, Entry Check performs the check before any records are created.

Preventing duplicates and redundant work

The new process for MEDA is to go to the Entry Check Tab, and enter the basic details for the contact, and let Entry Check perform a thorough search and present potential matching records.

Once the search is completed, the user can now choose between different actions:
1) Create a new contact, without Program Intake.
2) Create a new contact with Program Intake
3) Use an existing contact from the Entry Check search result and create only   a new Program Intake. .
…all from one and the same screen.

“Support is friendly and proactive. I could not have asked for anything more.”


DataTrim Entry Check offers the possibility to fully customize the VF page and adapt 100% custom action buttons and links, enabling you to navigate to the right pages based on your processes. For MEDA a few custom fields like Birthdate, and information about which Programs the existing client already is part of was added to the search result to help the Agents making the right decision.

With this simple customization MEDA ended up a record flexible creation process with duplicate check fully integrated.

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