Dupe Prevention in a market with many account locations

Working with large corporations can be challenging when searching and when wanting to create new accounts for new divisions, locations, etc.  AZZ|WSI (a specialty repair and overhaul company) were looking for a smooth way of handling this, just until they came across DataTrim Entry Check, and they found the solution.


Searching by Account Name

With 100’s of account records all being called something with BP, Exxon, Shell etc. finding the right account can be a challenge.

The salesforce search requires first of all that you spell the account name the way it has been entered into salesforce, but secondly; how do you easily find the right one of there are multiple pages of results?

It is all time consuming and the average end user doesn’t bother, so he goes ahead and creates a new account to get his job done.

He may not only just have created a duplicate but he may also have added extra work on the data stewards who is responsible for keeping the data clean, not to forget the impact on the back-end side if this turns into a client, and someone will have to register all the details into the finance system, just to realize later on that it is already there as a duplicate.

DataTrim Entry Check

DataTrim Entry Check is a small solution designed to avoid duplicates from being created in salesforce.

One of its features is to enforce a thorough search across your salesforce data when someone is beginning the process of creating a new record, in reality even before the new records are created.

DataTrim Entry Check utilizes best practice search and matching algorithms to identify potentially matching records (accounts, contacts and leads), and presents these in structured lists, with the most likely match on top of the list.

Scoping the Search

For AZZ|WSI the benefit of using a more advanced search process was already obvious but the issue regarding the fact that the returned list still remained long was still there until they discovered the Scoping feature.

The Scoping feature is a simple way to limit the result of a search to records that fulfil a certain requirement, in this case the name of the city. So while entering the account name and the city, which the users would do anyway in the records creation process, Entry Check now limits the search to records in the same city, making the list shorter and the accuracy of the match much higher and more effective.

Using Custom Search

In the industry where AZZ|WSI operates certain client locations are not always know by their city, or the plants are so large that they are provided individual names. Using the Custom Search feature, AZZ|WSI was even capable of providing the users the option to enter the plant name, and have this information included in the search, so that the result list was enhanced with account names with a specific plant name.

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