In order for DataTrim to perform the de-duplication of your data you must perform an OnBoarding process which links our matching engines to your org. in a secure way.
Here is how to, Step-by-Step:
1. Go to the Dupe Alert Console (in older versions go to the DataTrim Dupe Alerts Tab)
2. Select Setup () from the top right corner, and then
3. Select the OnBoarding Process from the menu on the left.
4. Choose to reuse an existing salesforce License
5. Enter the License number provided to you by DataTrim
6. Enter an Active salesforce user name and password
7. Accept to share the information with DataTrim
8. Click the OnBoarding button to submit the information

The submitted information is encrypted using an AES 128-Bit encryption algorithm. No user credentials are at any point displayed in clear text to anyone.
When we receive the OnBoarding request we will verify the connection and complete the OnBoarding process. Once this verification is complete you will be notified by Email.
OnBoarding Process

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