Your data is your most valuable asset, but is it AWESOME?

AWESOME solutions are not working without the underlying data being reliable, complete and consistent, and data is rarely is …. data is often TERRIBLY AWESOME

Ask yourself these 4 questions?

DataTrim provide services and solutions to address these challenges, with 3 key business focus:
Simplicity is Key
Our solutions are designed towards sales and marketing professionals. We take pride in offering solutions which doesn’t require an IT background to operate although the data management context often is very technical.
Best practice solutions
Our solutions are build based on our own experiences – cleaning up international databases with data from all over the world. Starting out in a small country forced us to embrace multiple languages, and country specific data recognition routines from the start.
Small is beautiful
We possess the ability to adopt to custom requirements with agility and proactive processes. Our reviews on the AppExchange, proves that our ability to respond promptly back to our clients makes our service and solutions is highly appreciated.

Ron Cowan, Zimmer Dental: Our ongoing use of DataTrim to eliminate duplicate records globally is a central reason for the success of Salesforce.com within our organization.

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DataTrim helps companies and organizations worldwide in improving and maintaining a high level of Data Quality.

DataTrim improves the reliability completeness and consistency of your data by applying a set of data cleaning treatments which is called The Data Laundry.

DataTrim adds experience based data cleaning processes to lead management, marketing automation, customer support and account management processes in salesforce and created direct impact on the day-to-day usage and productivity in a simple-to-use, collaborative and cost effective way.

We call this the Data Laundry

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