August 2014

New Features and Functions:
-Merge Buttons on Search Results
-Support for exclusion/suppression of reserved words
-Improvements for recognition of German and French descriptive words
-Searches improved for partial searches
-Advanced Customization of DataTrim Entry Check (See separate blog entry)

Merge Buttons on Search Results

Although the objective of Entry Check is to prevent duplicates from being created, duplicates may already exist in your database. Now you can use our DataTrim Dupe Alerts app to remove these duplicates in an efficient way, but with this new feature you can also launch the salesforce merge facility directly from the search result on the Entry Check Page:
Merge buttons

Support for exclusion/suppression of reserved words

We have optimized the search algorithms with a number of improvements for in particular the German and French languages. By working with reserved words our search mechanism can more intelligently find the best matching records. But we recognize that we cannot predict all the various combinations of reserved words across languages and business. This release therefore includes a new option for you to enter common words or values which appears in your database and which may be misleading when you are performing searches
2014 august new parameters

New Release – DataTrim Entry Check

General availability: August 2014, a new version of DataTrim Entry Check.
Take the advantage of upgrading your existing version and benefit from the new features and bug fixes in this version.
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