List View Merge Buttons

You may come across situation where you or end-users comes across duplicates while searching salesforce, and looking at list views.
With the List View Merge Buttons for Lead, Contact and Account, you can provide the user with the ability to jump directly into the Merge Wizard from the list view.

Available in both Classic and Lightning !


If you select 2 records, and click on Merge, the merge wizard will be launched with the 2 selected records (maximum number of records to select is 2).

If you ONLY select 1 record and click Merge, you will also be taken to the Merge Wizard, but will now be presented with all the potential duplicates found by any Alert where the selected record takes part. E.g. any contact duplicates found for the selected account.

In classic, the merge button is also visible on the search result like shown below:

How to set it up?

Go to the salesforce setup, and customize the Account. Contact and/or Lead, adding the buttons to the search layouts as below:
listview button setup

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team if you run into any questions.
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