About DataTrim
(a.k.a. d2b International ApS)

DataTrim helps companies and organizations worldwide in improving and maintaining a high level of Data Quality.

DataTrim improves the reliability, completeness and consistency of data by applying a set of data cleaning treatments which is called The Data Laundry.

The Data Laundry solutions are solutions for business people solving business problems and our focus is to transform the complexity of data management and deduplication into highly effective yet easy-to-use solutions with high usability also for non-IT experts.

Our main focus is deduplication, the #1 issue when data from different sources are being brought together is one solution ..like salesforce.

The Data Laundry solutions and services adds experience based data cleaning processes to lead management, marketing automation, customer support and account management processes in salesforce and creates direct impact on the day-to-day usage and productivity in a intuitive, collaborative and cost effective way.

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