Data Cleaning and Deduplication

Build to fit the way we work.
Our ongoing use of DataTrim to eliminate duplicate records globally is a central reason for the success of within our organization.

Desktop As A Service

Deduplication made Easy

Simple to use and straightforward.
A few minutes spent each week reviewing dupes created by our users worldwide keeps our database from being overrun with bad data.

Dupe Alerts

Early detection of duplicates

Datatrim enhances the lead/contact adding process.
In many cases it led users to find previous documentation of a presumably new lead. The information they found gave them an edge and saved time and troubles.

Entry Check

Account Management for salesforce

Easy to build, view and maintain Account Hierachies.
This app made it easy for me to group my large customers that have multiple locations under one parent. Now my reps can leverage success within one division/company across the enterprise.

Account Organizer
Dupe Alerts
Deduping your salesforce data
Bulk Matching and Merge
Dupe Detection / Mass Merge
Prebuilt Rules

Deduplication of data regardeless of the source of entry, back-ground and entry level duplicate detection.
Duplicate list review for data-stewards, and collaborative dupe status for end users.
Mass-Merge, Mass Convert and Best Practice matching rules, built in from the start.

Entry Check
STOP Dupes from Entering
..Search Before Create..
Dupe Prevention / Dupe Status
Dupe Detection
Implementing the "Search before you create" step which non-one does manually.
Stop dupes from entering your salesforce database
In process dupe detection, immediate check for Leads, Accounts and Contacts

Account Organizer
Optimize your Account Mgmt.
Manage Group Hierachies
Build and Maintain Hierachies
Manage Ownership
Manage and build your Account Hierarchies with a few clicks.
Explore your cross-selling and enterprise opportunities and/or get reliable Account revenue rollup, account owner management.
Integarted Fuzzy search, filter, update and merge functions.

About DataTrim

AWESOME solutions are not working without the underlying data being reliable, complete and consistent, and data is rarely is - data is often terribly AWESOME.

DataTrim improves the reliability, completeness and consistency by applying a set of data cleaning treatments.
We call this the Data Laundry.
The Data Laundry creates direct impact on the day-to-day usage and productivity in a simple-to-use, collaborative and cost effective way.
-and that is AWESOME.


Since 2007

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